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Do you need images and videos of Game of Goats? Download the presskit or scroll through it below and chose your files.

Studio description

 We are a young german games studio and create friendship-destroying online-multiplayer mobile games!


Out of passion to gaming and competetive multiplayer games, the bootcamp bros has grown over the years. Besides the work of the core-team in and around cologne, we have received a lot of help from friends and experts all around the globe. Due to all this time and effort, we are now releasing our newest game: Game of Goats!

Game of goats


 The first and best multiplayer puzzle, skill and action game has arrived! Play ‚Game of Goats‘ with and against friends around the world and compare your level of speed, focus and skills in turn-based challenges. This is a special gaming experience providing lots of fun, rewards and on a big variety of minigames. Find out who is smarter and faster now!


As a studio, the bootcamp bros. has been focusing on mobile games since the founding in 2017. Since the idea of game of goats, we are developing this with passion, love and help of friends and experts around the globe. History is about to be made!


  • More than 20 Minigames
  • Play against your friends and online opponents
  • Beat your records and reach achievements
  • Pimp your Goat with cool items, skins and cosmetics
  • Roundbased! You don’t have to wait or idle. Just play!


There are far more images available, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please contact us!


Logos & Icons

The presskit contains the logo in transparent, colored and black&white. For the preview we only added the colored.

Streaming Material & Characters



You can download the full presskit here!